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Global Shapers Geneva Hub - Helping our local community

The Global Shapers community was initiated by the World Economic Forum to foster the development of young leaders who serve their societies. It consists of a network of city-based hubs which span the whole globe. Each hub, including the one in Geneva, is comprised of young professionals between the ages of 20 and 30 and undertakes local projects to help its community.

The Geneva Hub is currently supporting the Espace Solidaire de Paquis (ESP). This local organization offers shelter and accompaniment to migrants, homeless people and others. To improve the services the ESP provides to those in need, it would benefit from IT and other technical equipment that can be used for educational and professional development purposes. We are therefore collecting used computers, e-readers, cell phones, and mp3 players, which we will fill with suitable educational content and donate to the ESP for their beneficiaries. The goal of the project is to help enable those who are in precarious situations transition to stable lives through fostering integration and employability.

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We ask for your support!

The Hub asks for your support in the form of donations of used electronic equipment (computers, e- readers, cell phones, and mp3 players). In-person handovers can be arranged, so no costs for transport or postage are incurred. The Hub and ESP thank you in advance for your generous help.

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If you have something to donate, please send us a message and we will get back to you and arrange collection.

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